About Kapico

Founders Message

We consider your visit to our site a great opportunity to tell you about our group. As you explore this site you will gain a sense of our values, our business, and our wide-ranging capabilities.
In this borderless world, the exceptional growth we have experienced is attributable to a well-thought-out strategy of vertical integration, horizontal expansion, and diversification.
As a result, we’ve been able to respond to greater opportunities in Kuwait - a market that we’ve traditionally served, while also creating synergistic opportunities in newer markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and South Asia.
In the many pages of this site, you will learn about our 4 key businesses in the Automotive, Health Care, Lifestyle, and Infrastructure.
The employees at KAPICO are striving to ensure that the best days for our customers, colleagues, investors, and other stakeholders most assuredly lie ahead.
Thank you for your interest in KAPICO and for visiting this window on our world.

Abdulaziz A Al-Ghannam
Chairman Emeritus

Our Ethos


Constantly develop and adopt ideas, promoting growth and positive change to our ecosystem.


Striving to always do better, our attitude to transform best of ideas into reality gives us an edge.


Commitment to only do the right things at an individual and organizational drives our behavior.


Our pride & priority is always delivering great products and services to our customer’s satisfaction.


Sincerity & genuineness are fundamental to our actions, offering strength & success to our businesses.

Leadership Team

KAPICO Group is managed and guided under the direction of the Board of Directors, whose purpose is to maximize long-term value for our stakeholders by responsibly addressing the concerns of our employees, business partners, the communities and governments where KAPICO has operations and does business.

 In fulfilling its duties, the Board oversees the corporate governance of KAPICO, oversees and advises management board in developing our financial and business goals, and evaluates management's performance in pursuing and achieving those goals.

Board Of Directors