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Our corporate philosophy of ‘Trust is our tradition’ has been the cornerstone of the ‘KAPICO Way’ in the corporate governance sphere.

On issues ranging from customer care and business excellence to financial propriety and more, the guidance provided by our board supplements the traditional values on which the KAPICO Group has been shaped.

KAPICO is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors, whose purpose is to maximize long-term value for our stakeholders by responsibly addressing the concerns of our employees, business partners, the communities and governments where KAPICO has operations and does business, and the public at large.

In fulfilling its duties, the Board oversees the corporate governance of KAPICO, oversees and advises management in developing our financial and business goals, and evaluates management's performance in pursuing and achieving those goals.


Ahmed Al-Ghannam, Chairman
Pradeep K Handa, Vice Chairman & Group CEO
Vipan K Handa, Deputy CEO & Board Member
Adel Al-Ghannam, Board Member
Fouad Al-Ghannam, Board Member


A.Luis Suarez, Director – Vice Chairman & Group CEO’s Office
Sanjay Gautam, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

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