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With the clear intent to make strategic investments in the rapidly expanding hospitality industry, the KAPICO group has invested in some key partnerships.

Pastamania BARISTA

PastaMania is a casual dining format serving the tastiest Italian cuisine.

The business currently owns and operates a total of 9 outlets across Dubai and UAE.

PastaMania works closely with many excellent brands, using only the very best ingredients found all over the world, to create that famous 'PastaMania' experience you will love. The purchasing team works hard, seeking and negotiating with various suppliers and producers from a multitude of countries, to find ingredients that match up to the exacting ‘PastaMania Standard’. PastaMania’s R & D team then takes over; first testing and assessing the product, ensuring it is of good quality before the recipe is produced. Then experimenting with alternative recipes, that are put to trial to a panel of food testers and critics over and over again, before the final recipe is decided.

All PastaMania ingredients are free of MSG and our food can pass any demanding tests. PastaMania is affordable for everyone, with pricing pegged to fast food industry norms.



Brewstar Café, a joint venture between KAPICO and UAE’s ETA-ASCON group operates a chain of unique coffee shops in the United Arab Emirates.

Barista Coffee Company opened its first espresso bar in New Delhi in February 2000. Today, Barista has over 200 outlets across the globe. Barista caters to more than 1.25 million customers every month.

The company invests a great deal of time in market research and product development and soliciting consumer feedback, evolving product and marketing initiatives based on consumer preferences. This ensures consistent growth and enables the Barista Coffee Company to offer the most desired products to the consumer.

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