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KAPICO’s automotive business has grown rapidly with major franchises being added in rapid succession. Today, the franchise business has a presence in Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Oman and India.



Maruti Suzuki

KAPICO India has been the pioneering promoter of the most luxurious Maruti Suzuki franchise in Chennai, one of India’s major metropolitan cities.

The operations include a dedicated facility for new cars, used cars and a well-equipped service center.

Maruti Udyog Limited’s principal activity is the manufacture, purchase and sale of Motor Vehicles and Spare parts. The company is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation. The other activities of the company comprises of facilitation of Pre-Owned Car Sales, Fleet Management and Car Financing. The company also provides services like framing of customized car policies, economical leasing of cars, maintenance management, registration and insurance management, emergency assistance and accident management. The product range includes ten basic models with more than 50 variants. The company has operations in over 100 cities with more than 150 outlets and also exports cars to other countries.


KAPICO owns and operates the V-Kool franchise in Kuwait, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat, Oman.

Originally developed for the US space and military program, and now being adapted for commercial use, V-KOOL® is a transparent, infra-red reflective polyester film which can be bonded to glass surfaces. The polyester is coated on one side with multi-layers of microscopic metal particles, and a pressure sensitive adhesive on the underside.

V-KOOL retains its transparency in spite of the metal and adhesive coatings and does not interfere with visibility when applied to the windows. The coating blocks off infra-red heat and ultra-violet radiation without significantly reducing the visible transmittance. The glass is made shatter resistant by the film forming a permanent bond.

The spectral selectivity in V-KOOL® window coatings is a significant breakthrough in Surface & Particle Science in the window film industry. Winner of the coveted Technology Of The Year Award in 1989, V-KOOL® coatings is the world’s first and only spectrally-selective window film that offers new possibilities to architects, interior designers, auto manufacturers, car and home owners.

The V-KOOL® range of films (75, 70, 40) have unique performance that is unrivalled. V-KOOL 70 provides a superior mix of high visible light transmission at 70% as well as high infra-red and ultra-violet rejection at 94% and 99% respectively.

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